AmaZinc! is a completely natural sunblock, which is easy to apply and remove from your face, yet long-lasting and highly water resistant. Our idea is to provide high protection against strong sunlight in and out of the water, without negatively affecting our Oceans and marine life. 

Contrary to traditional skin care brands our formula is as simple as it can get using only handful of ingredients, leaving behind NANO compounds and chemical products as parabens. AmaZinc! is a simple vision of natural skincare gentle to our skin as well as to the nature around. AmaZinc! is product created for watermen of any kind or for anyone who does not want to put chemical and nano on his skin.



There is no need for heaps of unknown chemicals and strange things to create functional and long lasting sunblock. Our formula contains four basic ingredients and we are pretty sure that you know every single one of them. Trust us it is that simple and it feels pretty damn good on the face!



Bees wax is a natural stabiliser for our products, it helps to create a consistent and water repellent layer on top of the skin. Bees wax is nothing, but natural product, that is non-toxic and dors not irritate the skin. 

Olive oil icon


Olive oil ensures that AmaZinc! won't dry out and keeps its protective properties.  It helps to our products not to dry out and it significantly extends expiration date of them.



Coming from the sheep wool, wool fat is a natural emulsifier.    It enhances durability of the products as well as it water repellency. Under sun and salt water exposure it helps the skin to stay moist and protects against drying out. 

Zinc oxide

Zinc Oxide

 Mineral UV filters as zinc oxide or titanium oxide perfectly scatter and selectively reflect UV rays. As opposed to chemical UV filters zinc oxide doesn’t degrades when exposed to the sun and is not absorbed by a skin.



The world's Oceans are amazing; they gives us more than just a place to hang around and have fun, they are living environments for hundreds of thousands of species including many which humans consume. In AmaZinc! we believe that it is silly to pollute the Oceans, that si why AmaZinc! formula is free of parabens (or any other chemical compounds or mineral oil products) and NANO particles. We have chosen not to be part of plastic pollution of our planet, therefore all our packaging is plastic free, durable and sustainable!